How Long Does a Cannabis High Last?

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How Long Does a Cannabis High Last?

Various factors come together when it comes to determining how long will a high last for. Whether you smoke or scoff a brownie, the type of strain you choose, the amount you take—this is not an exhaustive list of things to consider. Read on for more details!

There are times when it’s handy to know how long you can expect the effects of cannabis to last. It could be that you still have work to do or need to drive somewhere. Perhaps you are planning a night out and are trying to estimate when to smoke so you can enjoy those effects when out with your friends. Giving the answer to the question at hand would be easier if weed hit us all the same, but that’s not the case. The effects don’t vary too wildly from person to person, however there are several factors that come into play when determining the duration of your high. We can safely say that it’s a combination of those factors, so let’s explore them in more detail.


Before we talk about an individual’s set of features that make highs longer or shorter, look at what you’re smoking. If the strain is a mild 14% THC with a moderate amount of CBD in the mix, like Royal Bluematic for example, the high won’t be too strong and long-lasting. However, if you go for something along the lines of Amnesia Haze (22% THC), expect to be on that ride a while longer.


We also have to consider how the weed is being ingested. When it comes to inhaling smoke, people generally see their highs lasting for one to three hours. If we’re dealing with edibles, though, the high can push well past that boundary and stick around for a good four to six hours.


Along with the way you choose to consume your weed, the amount you take will affect how long the high lasts. So if you take a couple more edibles than normally, you’ll be high for five to six hours. You might even go past that in special cases. The same goes for smoking—a hit is enough for a bit, but the whole joint will have you high for 3 hours or more.


Those that drink will know at least one thing. Pounding six shots in one hour gets you drunker for longer than drinking the same amount in six hours. The same principle applies to weed. If you have a joint in bits over the course of the night, you’ll be in the zone for about an hour each session. If you smoke the whole thing yourself in 15 minutes, you’ll be good for three hours or more.


Now we have to consider the individual. Even after smoking the whole joint, someone who smokes two per day would be high for more or less an hour. However, giving a 10mg edible to a first-timer can leave them soaring for almost eight hours.


Due to the brain’s impressionable state in youth, 18-year-olds can expect to stay high for longer than older smokers. The reason for that is the same as the reason why cannabis is harmful to younger consumers. Since it’s able to stick around in the brain, every effect it has is stronger.


As some could expect, your metabolism plays a key role in the duration of your cannabis high. If your body takes more time to process chemicals, your high will last a bit longer than that of your peers. If your metabolism is on the faster end, you’ll likely be the first of your friends to reach sobriety.


While not as major of a factor, a person’s height and weight will still affect their high. Heavier and taller people will stay high for longer. The effects heavier people experience are also impacted by low metabolisms at times, since they occasionally appear together.


Lastly, if you focus on the fact that you’re high, the sensation will linger on longer than it would if you weren’t paying attention. Cannabinoids stay in your body just as long, whether you pay attention or not, but the duration of the feeling rests partly in your hands.

Even though it’s tricky to precisely determine how long you can expect for the high to last, we hope this quick rundown was helpful. It is always a good idea to start low and slow if you are a beginner. This way you can observe your reactions and gauge the amounts that work best for you.


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